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Can you Help find this music?

I would like to know more about finding Third Day song called My Hope Is In You. Also, do they have any cd music hit tapes out? Thank you

Can you help find the music from a song that I believe is called 'Gentle Ragman' by Daryl McGinn, or something close to that? If you think you may know this artist, or know of a song titled something like this, please email me with any leads so that I can pass it on to a friend in need. Thanks.

I'm looking for the music accompaniment tape for the song, "Mercy Called Me By Name" by the Nelons...It's put out by Word. No one has been able to help thus far...If you have any information please let me know. Thank you. Joan L. Stone

I don't necessarily agree with everything found on these pages nor are you likely to agree with everything either. These links are provided for your reference only and to inspire further study.

* Aliens (1 Peter 2:11) - Christian grunge/alternative band from Michigan. We are dedicated to spreading the gospel of Christ to our peers through our music.
* Carman Ministries
* CCM Online - The online version of Contemporary Christian Music Magazine.
* CCMusic Homepage - Has index for hundreds of Christian recording artists' web sites.
* Christian Music Links - Links to Christian magazines, organizations, product vendors, music festivals, record labels, and over 100 links to Christian musicians and their works.
* Christian Music Today
* Christian Songwriters Group - Supplement to the Christian Songwriters Group mailing list
* ChristJam - The Information Hub for local Christian music.
* Clothed with the Sun 2000 Musical - An inspirational Christian musical for the Millennium. Check out for sights, sounds, review and resources.
* Dancing Through Danger - Out of our anger against government policies that target the poor; and from our faith that God demands that we focus our gifts toward building a better world, First United Church (Ottawa, Canada) has produced a CD of both contemporary and traditional spiritual music. Congegation members wrote 6 of the 13 songs on the CD. Proceeds from sales go to anti-poverty organzations; $3,000 has been distributed so far.
* Destiny Calling - Spreading the word of God through music and prayer.
* Due Season - A Christian folk/rock/acoustic band from Lexington, Ky. On this site: waves,pics,lyrics,email,more!!
* Eph'pha-tha
* Even So, Come, Lord Jesus - Inspirational Christian Music in real audio, and cd Format
* Jeffrey Craig Fenholt
* Michael Fisher's Christian Music Resources - The premier resource for independent Christian musicians and fans
* Gospel Sermons and Hymns - Hymns in MIDI format.
* Amy Grant Archive
* Kim Hill
New Heart & Soul - Inspirational music designed to encourage the Christian in their daily walk and provide the message of salvation to the lost.
* Holy Water

Rich Mullins
In Memory of Rich Mullins

October 21, 1955 - September 19, 1997

* INsite Christian Music - One stop for new Christian music, over 1500 tour dates, artist news, hot links, music charts, and much more for retailers and fans alike!
*Jim's Christian Music Page - Photo and description of artist and group.
* Maranatha Music
*Rich Mullins Fan Page
*New Christian Music Network - Our ministry is to present inspirational music from Christian artists and songwriters who are not signed by a specific record company or music publisher.
*New Song Music - A unique contemporary Christian record label with an eclectic mix of styles for worship and listening. Featuring the music of Loren Sandford.
* NewSong Online
* Petra
New Prophetic Heart Records/Ministries - Contemporary Christian Music Artists, Praise Band and Christian Music Publishing: Michael D. Kay, Concert Pianist; Sandi Lewis, Inspirational Vocalist; and Larry & Kim Harrison, Duet
* Puddlegum - Christian rock and alternative links, news, and more.
* Greg Scheer's Music Site - Various QuickTime music praise songs and classic hymns.
* Southern Gospel Music
* Paul Todd - A new Adult contemporary Christian Artist. Wrote the Make A Wish Foundation theme song. Summer tour raised $70,000 for upper midwest flood relief.
* Touring Christian Musicians - Tour schedules and contact information for some of the most popular Christian musicians.
* Uturn Music Group - Ready for some non Compromising Christian Artists. Get ready for the Uturn Music Group.

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