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I don't necessarily agree with everything found on these pages nor are you likely to agree with everything either. These links are provided for your reference only and to inspire further study.

* 2000 Ready
* At last, someone loves the Year 2000 computer bug - lawyers
* The Cassandra Project
* Electric Utilities and the Year 2000
* The Eternal Pessimists - Wired News
* Fed official expects bumpy Y2K road - USA Today
* Federal Reserve Board Y2K
* Statement of John Bace Research Director, Gartner Group, Inc. - Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Oversight of the House Committee on Ways and Means Hearing on the Year 2000 Computer Problem
* Gary North's Y2K Links and Forums
* Homing in on millennium bug - The Denver Post
* Everything 2000
* Impact of the Year 2000 Problem
* Dr. Leon Kappelman
New Lehman's Non-Electric Catalog
*The Millenium Challenge - From the Merrill Lynch Forum
* The Millennium Problem in Embedded Systems
*Mother of All Year 2000 (Y2K) Link Centers
*Links on the Year 2000 Problem
*Practical and Legal Y2K Issues
*The Global Year 2000 Problem
*Georgia Tech Year 2000 Guide
*Ed Yourdon's Web Site
*U.S. Government's Chief Information Officers Council Committee on Year 2000
*SBA Help for the Year 2000
*Taboo words - from TechWeek
* Wall Street aces Y2K beta test - Computerworld
* Wall Street finds glitches in its year 2000 preparedness - BusinessToday.Com
* Wall Street passes first Year 2000 tests with flying colors - ZDnet
* Westergaard Year 2000
* Wired News Archive
* Y2K Brief
* Y2KNet
* Yahoo's Full Coverage:Science and Technology:Year 2000 Problem coverage
* Year 2000 bug could be dangerous for hospitals, experts warn - CNN
* The Year 2000 Web Site
*Year 2000 Links
* Year 2000 Recession?
*Year 2000 - From Datamation
*Year 2000 Journal
* Year 2000 News
*The Year 2000 Paul Revere Community Alert Campaign on the Y2k Threat to Core Infrastructures
*ZDNet Special Report: Year 2000

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Virtual Gods
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2000 AD: Are Your Ready?
2000 A.D. : Are You Ready?
by Peter Lalonde, Paul Lalonde
As the world races toward the new millennium, Bible prophecy is being fulfilled at a torrid pace, according to Peter and Paul Lalonde, producers of the national television program, This Week in Bible Prophecy. Here they unearth the dark secrets of the technological age and reveal the meaning behind its incredible developments.

Time Bomb 2000
Time Bomb 2000 : What the Year 2000 Computer Crisis Means to You!

by Edward Yourdon, Jennifer Yourdon
"Time Bomb 2000" describes how the year 2000 problem can potentially affect all facets of business life if not properly addressed. Chapters are devoted to effects on home PCs, on the job, the news, airplanes, and more. Advice is given on how to deal with the problem if and when they actually occur.

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