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I don't necessarily agree with everything found on these pages nor are you likely to agree with everything either. These links are provided for your reference only and to inspire further study.

* Anthony's Historic Baptist Webpage - Articles defending Baptist distinctives, the Doctrines of Grace, and New Covenant Theology. Articles also dealing with Bible prophecy and apologetics.
* Cybergrace Christian Network - One of the Most Comprehensive Christian Resources on the Internet. Cybergrace is a Christian Mega-Site!
* Dial The Truth Ministries - Electronic tracts, statement of faith, and Gospel presentation highlight this page.
* The Easter Page A cyberspace journey reflecting on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through art, music, essays and more.
* FAQ's for Christians about the Internet
* His Outreach Ministry and Evangelism - We have Bible studies, praise and prayer reports, music you can hear on-line,and the Life of Jesus in pictures, Christian links and much more.
* The I AM Project - God's wonderful story from creation to eternity as told through the paintings of Norman McGary and the use of scripture references. A rich inspiring presentation containing over 60 original full color illustrations.
* In Christ Ministries - Interactive site with monthly articles, poetry, Christian Penpals, Bible Study, TONS of links and more.
* In The Word Ministries - In the Word Ministries functions to edify believers and to encourage pastors...with an emphasis on the grace of God.
* Radio Bible Class Ministries - Helpful ministry materials.
* Sons of Light
* The Sword and Staff - Fresh Bible material, studies, questions, etc.; Committed to simple, New Testament Christianity.
* Tempted to Sin? - Online guidance for those of us dealing with temptation, from get-rich-quick schemes to sex, power and prestige.
* The Way of the Cross- The Gospel, pure and simple.
* Virtual Christianity
* What Is a Christian? - Online tract
* Baker Christian Internet Directory

* A Top Ten Christmas at Peggie's Place!
* Christmas in CyberSpace: A Christian Perspective
* A Holy Christmas
* Is Christmas Christian?

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As the Web is constantly changing, some of these links may not work properly. I would appreciate you letting me know of any difficulties you have with any of these links so that I can keep this as updated as possible.


Should Christians celebrate this satanic holiday?

The Nature of Man
How we view man's nature is a reflection of how we view God.

The Impact of Feminism on the Family
"Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women's movement must concentrate on attacking marriage."


* The Absolute Truth- Some great resources dealing with Christian apologetics and Bible study.
*Alpha and Omega Ministries - Articles on general apologetics, Mormonism, Roman Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses and King James Onlyism
*Amazing Discoveries in Bible Archaeology - Discoveries are being made daily which prove the historical accuracy of the Bible.
*Answers to Ultimate Questions- or, lead you in the right direction towards a better answer.
* The Bible--God's Word Wholly Inspired and Infallible
* Biblical Studies Foundation
* Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
New Christian Research Institute - CRI is probably best known for its popular Bible Answer Man program and its host and CRI President, Hank Hanegraff.
* Four Spiritual Laws, The
* Issues That Make Christians Squirm - Facts, arguments & scandals that give Bible believers nightmares.
* Jerusalem Christian Review - New Discoveries of the Bible, Jesus and the First Church
* Jesus and the Intellectual - Who is the most outstanding personality of all time?
Cool Lj Answers your Questions - A personal home page with Biblical Question that I have received while ministering as Pastor and their answers. Some refering to references and theology, some to organizations and cults. There is also a humor section, a creation vs. evolution section, and personal and ministry information.
* Mars Hill Forum - Apologetics with Jim Sire & Doug Groothuis
* McKenzie Study Center: A Christian Ministry
* Reasoning from Scriptures Ministries
* Reasons to Believe- A resource for understanding better what we, as Christians believe.
*Another Reasons to Believe Site
*Stand to Reason - Christian Apologetics
*Who Do You Think I Am?
* Who Is Jesus? - Explore different views on the historical personage of Jesus.
* World Wide Christian Web - We provide useful information for the Christian and the skeptic alike.
* Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

C.S. Lewis

* C.S. Lewis and the Inklings - Links and information about C.S. Lewis and his close freinds and colleagues J.R.R. Tolkein and Charles Williams.
* Another C.S. Lewis Page - Why isn't C.S. Lewis that dude in Shadowlands?
* Into the Wardrobe - The C.S. Lewis WWW Page

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Commercial Sites

Children's Christian Videos & Software
Shop Guiding Light Video's Secure Catalog for the finest in Children's Christian Videos, Games and Software

* Armageddon Books - Armageddon Books is an online catalog featuring over 200 books, videos, and charts on Bible Prophecy.
* Christian Clearinghouse - Christians doing Business with Christians
* Christian Music X-Change - Buy, sell and trade Christian CDs, tapes, records and more.
New Clapping Tree - A Christian site devoted to information, encouragement, and resources
* Cleaford Puppets - Hand made wide-mouth puppets for evangelism, all-age worship, school assemblies and fun
* Cleaford Puppet Scripts - Scripts for use with hand made wide-mouth puppets in evangelism, all-age worship, school assemblies and fun
* Cleaford Puppet Workshops- Workshops on puppets and visuals in church and school
* Destiny Image Publishers - Many titles on Revival and End Times
* New Intervarsity Press Books
* Pilgrim Publications - Featuring Original Unabridged Works of Charles Haddon Spurgeon
* Rare Christian Books - We specialize in the Good Old Classic Christian Books(many out-of-print), Tracts and Tapes that focus on the victorious Christian life in Christ.
* Triangle Press - They have a daily devotional and are a publisher of conservative Christian children's books; and books for the family and the scholar alike.
* The Truth Is... A Spiritual Philosophy - A poetic book of prophecy that explains the reasons for the events that must soon take place.
* The Last Hour - End-times prophecy fiction. The setting is Daniel's 70th week and the characters are a talk-radio host, a power hungry first lady and pope.
New Who God Is - Unique site offers a book with historical evidence concerning God, Jesus and salvation. A site with answers that have and will lead one to Christ.

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* Answers In Genesis - (Ken Ham/Gary Parker) Spreading the truths of the book of Genesis.
* Bible and Science
*Creation Discovery Project
*Center for Scientific Creation - Research the origins of humankind.
* Christian Geology Ministry - Using Science, Logic, and the King James Bible to MORE PERFECTLY Interpret the Genesis Narratives and the Earth's Geology
*Creation or Chance? - God's purpose with mankind proved by the wonder of the universe.
*Creation Outreach - Creation means God personally exists and made all things. This is opposite of evolution.
*Creation Science (New Jersey Group)
*Creation Science Association of Atlantic Canada
*Creationism Connection
*Internet Center for Creation Science - Contains many creation links.
* Institute for Creation Research - A Christ focused creation ministry.
* Life*Design - The life-impact of origins beliefs, the Bible's sudden creation, and how compromise damages Christian faith.
* The Myth of Human Origins - How science points to divine creation.
New The Revolution Against Evolution - An organization dedicated to answering the tough questions concerning science and the Bible. Contains an easy to read refutation of the theory of evolution and a defense of the Bible as God's Word.

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* American Family Association
* Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
* Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove
New BreakPoint - with Charles Colson
* Campus Crusade for Christ
* Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada
* The Christian Broadcasting Network
* Christian Financial Concepts - Founded by Larry Burkett
* Crown Ministries - Dedicated to teaching financial faithfulness
* Eagle Forum - Phyllis Schlafly
* Fellowship of Christian Athletes - For more than 40 years, FCA has been focused on one purpose ... to preent to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in the relationships and in the fellowship of the church.
Family Research Council - Gary Bauer Alternative FRC Site
* Washington Watch
* Focus on the Family - James Dobson
* Grace to You - Great Bible teaching by John MacArthur, printed resources, and free tapes!
* Interchristo - A not-for-profit information service connecting God's human resources to Christian service opportunities in the U.S. and overseas.
* Institute in Basic Life Principles
* In Touch Online - Dr. Charles Stanley
* Insight for Living - Chuck Swindoll
* Intervarsity Christian Fellowship - A trans-denominational campus ministry whose vision is to build collegiate fellowships.
* Living Way Ministries - Pastor Jack Hayford
* Midnight Cry Ministries.
* The Navigators
* Oral & Richard Roberts
* Prison Fellowship Ministries
* The Rutherford Institute - (John Whitehead) A law organization which specializes in the defense of religious liberty and human rights.
* Renewing Your Mind - The on-line ministry of R.C. Sproul (Ligonier Ministries)
* Trinity Broadcasting Network
* Turning Point Online- Dr. David Jeremiah
* The International Bible Society
* David Wilkerson's WWW Site- The Times Square Church

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On-Line Publications

* A Closer Look - News and reviews of the latest in Christian Books, Music and more.
* American Tract Society
* A New Man magazine - The official magazine of the Promise Keepers
* Archeology Magazine: An Official Publication of the Archaeological Institute of America
* Best-Selling Christian Books
* Bible Notes - Probing articles on religious issues.
* Books & Culture Magazine
* Classic Christian Electronic Books
* Charisma
* Christian Computing Magazine
* Christianity Today Magazine
* Christian Reader
* Christian History Magazine
* Christian Retailing
* Christis Magazine - The University of York Christian magazine.
* Contra Mundum - A Reformed Cultural View
* Daily Wisdom - Online devotional
* The Dialogue
* Discipleship Journal Magazine - For those who are serious about spiritual growth, and want to apply Scripture to their life and ministry.
* Endtime Magazine - The magazine deals with world events from a biblical perspective.
* Excerpts from JuliaNews - Articles taken from Julian Jottings, a publication of the Order of Julian of Norwich, a contemplative monastic order in the Episcopal Church.
* God's Got A Better Idea
* Good News Magazine Online! - The e-zine for United Methodists.
* Good News, Etc. - San Diego County's Christian Newspaper
New Guideposts - Possibly the most popular inspirational magazine in the world.
* Internet for Christians Newsletter
* Jerusalem Post Newspaper
* Living Stones Newsletter
* Ministries Today Magazine
* National & International Religion Report
* Our Daily Bread The online version of the popular daily devotional
* Salt of the World - Discussions of controversial topics.
*Sharing the Victory
*Tabletalk Interactive Magazine
*Today in the Word
*Way of Life Literature Home Page- The web site for Way of Life Literature
*Words of Hope
*Worldwide Challenge Magazine- The award-winning be-monthly publication of Campus Crusade for Christ.

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Recovery Resources

* ADD News For Christian Families - A newsletter devoted to Attention Deficit Disorder written from a Christian perspective.
* AIDS Resource Ministry - Group ministering to HIV patients.
* Alcoholics Victorious
* Christians in Recovery - Dedicated to mutual sharing of strength and hope as we live each day in recovery.
* The Christian Recovery Connection
* Christian Resources About Homosexuality and AIDS
* Breaking the Cycle
* Freedom from Sexual Addiction - Information about an available seminar on Sex Addiction Recovery from a christian perspective.
Free to Live
New God Arose for You- Our vision is to empower and equip the family of God, both Pastors and congregations to evangelize the lost from a Biblical perspective and light the path for the homosexual sinner by extending truth, hope and guidance through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
* Good News for Sexual Addiction - A Christian Resource of help for the Sexually Addicted in the Northeast Georgia and Chattanooga Areas (and soon the World)
* Homosexuality and the Christian - A forum for those who are struggling with homosexuality in their christian experience and have many questions on how to deal with it and how other chirstians have dealt with it.
* The Journey Newsletter - Christians in Recovery
* Mastering Life Ministries - Learn how to redemptively respond to friends and loved ones who are trapped in sexual sin or brokenness.
* Persevering - Help for the sexually abused
* Philippian Ministries - A national non-profit Christian ministry offering free one-on-one lifetime sharing and prayer for those desiring freedom from pains of the past.
* Recovery Resources Online
* Resources for Christians Recovering From Abuse
* Sex Addiction Recovery Resources / Heart to Heart - professional telephone counseling,books etc.
* Sex and Love Addiction - Help and hope to overcome obsessive/compulsive patterns.
* Struggling with pornography
* John Wechselberger's Homepage - Christian Fellowship, Recovery Resources, Poetry

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* Charlton Heston's Voyage Through the Bible
* Christian Technologies, Inc. - Bible Study and homeschooling software. The Bible on CD, Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary, and more.
* Cyberspace Ministry - A Christian company distributing at no charge its own software for IBM computers and compatibles.
* Dawn Designs Church Clipart - Christian clip-art.
* Electronic Christian Media - Publisher of The Scroll
* Epiphany Software - The CD-ROM Bible study product, Bible Explorer
* Gospel Films Computer Software Catalog
* HERMENEUTIKA Computer Bible Research - Publisher of Bible Works
* Logos Research Systems - Publisher of Logos 2.0
* Parsons Technology - Publisher of Quick Verse.
* Revelation multimedia CD-ROM
* Sage Software - Publisher of The Sage Digital Library
* A Windows Bible Verse Screen Saver @R Bible Verse Bitmaps
* Serious Developments- Christian Software Catalog
* Timo's Christian Clipart
New Word Microsystems - Word Microsystems sells and distributes Christian Software at discount prices, particularly Bible Study, Church Management and Christian Counseling Software.
* Zondervan Publishing House- Publisher of Bible Source for Windows, NIV Bible Study Edition

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Web Tools

* Christian Webmaster - A directory of resources for Christian Web designers and site developers, including a Christian graphics gallery.
* Christian White Pages - Search the Web for other Christians
* Homepage Creation Center
* HotMail- Web-based free EMAIL.
* Setting up a World Wide Web Site ... on the cheap - Site to help non-profit Christian organizations get on the Net inexpensively.
New WebToolsfrom Data Synthesis

Add Me!
Submit your page to 34 popular sites for free, using one form!

Searching the Web

* Internet Search Engines - Links to a wide variety of search engines and indexes on the Internet.

Internet Access Providers

Web Presence Providers

* - Affordable WebHosting for Businesses, Churches, & Ministries
* Cybergrace - Free Web Page Design and Site Hosting to Churches and Christian Ministries
* Data Synthesis - Web site creation and hosting services.
* Ivy League Web Services - A full service, full value web site developer and web presence provider.
* Rendall Internet Service Enterprises - Special low rates for Christian-oriented sites, especially for Contemporary Christian Music artists who are just starting out.
New Webpage Designs by Gale - My focus is to design a website with style which will make you and/or your business look great.

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Can the Bible be Trusted?
Do we accept what is recorded by this source as being accurate and applicable to our current-day lives.

The Christians Calling
What is our primary duty as Christians living in this present world?

Martin Luther's Ninety-five Theses
Rocking the boat at Wittenberg

The Gospel According to Ecology
Given its basic premise that man exists for nature, instead of the opposite - the development was inevitable.

The book of Revelation reveals that the antichrist will be able to track and control all financial transactions.

Can't we just all get along?

Living in a Post-Christian Culture
How do we then live?

America's Godly Heritage
What children are not taught and how historical revisionists are influencing culture.

The End of Abortion
The practice of legalized abortion will end.

Are Baha'is Christian?
Baha'is will argue that whoever acts completly in accordance with the teachings of Christ is a Baha'i.

War on Christianity
Those who are working for the dissolution of our society have a spiritual agenda.

World Views
How do you view the world?

The Homosexualization of America
So what's wrong with being gay, anyway?

Philosophical Roots of Change
How did we get to where we're at?

The Separation of Church and State
A new, humanistic America where our children will be protected from outmoded Christian ideas and will enjoy freedom "from" religion

Justice Redefined
The redefining of justice and injustice is a prophetic sign of the last days.

UPS vs Teamsters:
A look at greed and discontentment in the workforce.

Christians in Politics
American politics is not any longer about Democrats, Republicans, or Independents ... It's not a fight between the Liberal Left and the Christian Right ... It is all about what America is.

National Endowment for the Arts
Taxpayer funded pornography

The Slippery Slope
Once government begins to define life and humanity, there is no end to the possibilities for subjective and selective determination as to who will be allowed to live.

Religious Cleansing
Why are liberals so afraid of Jesus?

Religion Czar
Who is monitoring your religion?

Seven Major Teachings of the New Age
Why is the New Age Movement so dangerous?

Why Study Prophecy?
God intends that we understand the contents of the prophetic Word and that it will have a bearing upon the practical decisions we Christians make.

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